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To us there are two quite different questions.

Firstly, which of the people or organisations we’re thinking of dealing with, (our interest, of course, is in people and organisations providing health care,) has an ordinary email address and provide responses to emails sent to them, and, secondly, which of the people and organisations that are like that provide the best responses?

One of things we’re about is putting together lists of the people and organisations who have an ordinary address and┬áprovide responses to emails sent to them – if we haven’t yet got such a list we can provide to our readers, readers can put one together for themselves.

But it’s always going to be up to readers to find out for themselves which people and organisations provide the best responses – by sending out emails themselves.

We, of course, do that for ourselves, as we search for those who provide the best responses. ┬áBut we don’t publish the details of any responses we receive – readers may have different questions to ours, and even to the same questions, different responses may be given to readers than are given to us.

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