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We’ve been working on finding good health care people, particularly doctors, and avoiding those who are not so good for more than 10 years now. It has been, and continues to be, our obsession.

In that time we reckon that, after having experiences with more than a hundred, we’ve found 6 that we think are really good. And, so significantly, we now believe that we found how we could have found those 6 in less than a year, perhaps in less than 6 months, and avoided dozens who we subsequently found out the hard way were not so good, some even disastrous.

How you may ask?

Simply by finding those who work in areas in which we may need help, who have ordinary email addresses or email forms, and emailing them asking whether “helping those with such and such problems is within their areas of expertise,” or something similar.

In other words, if, say, you have a problem or problems in the Ear, Nose and Throat area, you should send an email like the one we’ve described above to at least 20 Ear, Nose and Throat people.

In our experience, you may get responses from 5 to 8 of them – the 12 to 15 that don’t respond are certainly NOT worth bothering with – and the Doctors who provide the best 1 or 2 responses are the ones you should be the ones you should consider having at least an initial face-to-face consultation with.

We’ve done this with dozens of doctors, and recommend that readers, at least try it.

Note 1: After you have a face to face consultation with a doctor like this, you should send them an email along the lines of  – “In our face to face consultation today I understood you to say blah blah, blah blah – have I got this right.” Hopefully your email will require just a one word answer from them – “Yes.” Responses, or lack of them, to emails like this, will provide further indications as to how good or otherwise the doctor is

Note 2: In doing this, we’ve probably experienced 2 occasions where a doctor hasn’t really lived up to their initial email responses. About which more later.

Note 3: The above really only applies to specialist doctors. With GPs, at least in Sydney, it’s a very different story. It’s hard enough to find a GP with an email address or email form readily available, let alone one who has one of these and who provides responses of any kind. We believe this will gradually change for the better. About which more later.

Note 4: Obviously the hardest part of this is putting together the ordinary email addresses or email forms of 20 specialists. Once you’ve done this, you can probably send out 20 emails in less than half an hour.  We’re working on this. If you use this link, you will be taken to the email addresses on 45 Sydney ENTs.

Note 5: In case doctors haven’t realised this, (it applies just as much to other people and organisations as well,) we believe that it will gradually emerge that those that provide the best responses to emails sent to them will find themselves getting more and more patients/customers and those who don’t will find themselves getting fewer and fewer. In other words, it will be found that providing good responses to emails sent to them, is the best way to compete against competitors. As this happens, it will change the world for the better for patients/customers completely.

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