The Low Dose Naltrexone story 1

The Low Dose Naltrexone story just keeps getting more and more extraordinary!

(Actually, it needs to be understood that there’s no such thing as Low Dose Naltrexone – “Low Dose Naltrexone” is short for taking a drug called Naltrexone in small or low doses, perhaps only 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 per cent of the size of the 50mg tablets in which Naltrexone usually comes.)


Naltrexone was discovered in about 1965, and after extensive testing, which is always very very expensive, it received approval from the FDA, (the Food and Drug Administration in the United States,) for the treatment of certain addictions with 50mg tablets. But, and this is extraordinary enough, it was/is nothing short of a miracle, from about the mid-1980s, when all the patents on it had run out, it started to be discovered that, when Naltrexone was taken daily in small doses, it was extremely effective in treating a whole range of medical problems, (click here to go to a website called the LDN Research Trust, for more details,) so much so that it’s being talked about as perhaps the most significant medical breakthrough in the history of mankind, just as significant, if not more significant, than the other four – Antibiotics, Antidepressants, Anti-inflammatories and Immunisation.

And even more extraordinary again, it’s being claimed for it that, even more important than it’s effectiveness in treating medical problems patients may already have, it PREVENTS ┬áthem for getting other medical problems – it does this by getting all their organs, their heart, their lungs, their brain, their sex organs, and so on, working better, and makes the mechanisms, (for want of a better word,) in their body that fight disease, and keep them happy and healthy, stronger. Of course, one of the problems with this is that it’s hard know for certain whether these claims are justified – if one has been on Low Dose Naltrexone for 15 years and has not got cancer, it could always be said that they wouldn’t have got it anyway.

But even more extraordinary again, there may not be a doctor in the whole of Sydney who advises on it, and perhaps prescribes it – we’ve sent out at least 50 emails in our searching, and are yet to locate even one. Two or three in Queensland, and perhaps one on the south coast of NSW, 230 kms from Sydney!!!???

And even more extraordinary again, we’ve just become aware, in the last few days, of a method whereby perhaps the whole world can be on Low Dose Naltrexone for less than 35 cents Australian a day – without the assistance of doctors or pharmacists. One can simply get 50mg Naltrexone tablets from India, costing only about $2.50 Australian each – we’ve just received 10 of them – and each time you dissolve one of these tablets in 100 mls of distilled water, or perhaps even plain water, it gives you 10 doses of 5 mg, if that’s the right dose for you. i.e. you just drink 10 mls a day of what just looks like plain water.

Where is this all going to end? You can imagine how impressed the big Pharmaceutical companies and the big Private Hospitals are with these developments. There are so many huge vested interests who want there to be more sick people, not less. And the big Pharmaceutical companies are wanting lots of people to be buying their medications which cost a great deal more than 35 cents a day. And even with doctors – are they really going to be wanting to be putting their patients onto something which will result in them coming to see them less often, perhaps far less often. Of course there’s always a conflict of interest for doctors – “The more I do for a patient, the less they’ll need me, and the less money I’ll make from them.”

We’ll be shocked if the developments with all this from here on, or the lack of them, aren’t judged by history as the greatest scandal in health care in the history of mankind. One of our readers claims that he read once that it takes, on average, 17 years for medical breakthroughs to become common practice, which, of course, is bad enough – but we’ll be astonished if what happens with Low Dose Naltrexone isn’t far worse.

The good news, of course, is that, we, the people, as individuals in the 21st century are better equipped, superbly equipped, more than at any other time in human history, by the internet, to be up with the latest in health care from all round the world, the latest being better than at any time in human history, and to apply it to our own lives.

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