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What we’ve learnt from bitter experience, particularly in the last 5 years, is that finding out whether a person or organisation, particularly in the health care and welfare industries, but in all walks of life, is going to be good to deal with, perhaps easy to deal with, is kindergarten stuff – just send them an email about something, to a certain extent it doesn’t matter what, and see what response, if any, you get.

First of all, go to their website.

(It’s hard to imagine anyone bothering with people and/or organisations these days who don’t have a website.)

And look for the word “contact.” To us, the the best ones have this word on their home page, so it’s easy to find. With others, you have to poke around a bit, sometimes a fair bit, to find this word elsewhere on their website.

If you can’t find it at all, don’t consider dealing with them for a nano second. If you can find it, and you click on it, and all that comes up are phone numbers and fax numbers, also don’t consider┬ádealing with them for a nano second. If an ordinary email address or an email form comes up use it to send them an email about something.

(There’s one situation in which you shouldn’t bother with doing this either, and that is if it’s made compulsory for you to provide personal details that have nothing to do with anything – your home address, and particularly your date of birth, for instance. There are clowns in a number of government departments and, in particular, in the Berejiklian Government, who do this.)

With Best Feet Podiatry, after a fair bit of poking around, we found this.

But no matter how many times we clicked on the email address shown, nothing happened.

But by going around things another way we did seem to find a way to get

So it was used to send this.

We’ll let you know if there’s a response.

Of course, there are only going to be responses if it’s the job of one or more people to provide them, which involves expense, which it’s natural for top management to avoid if possible. The only thing that going to change this is if we, the people, start giving preference to those people and organisations who are the best and easiest to deal with.

Will Best Feet Podiatry turn out to be good to deal with, perhaps easy to deal with? We’ll soon know.

A comment or a question? Email us at

A 31 May 2019 update: Our email hasn’t even been acknowledged 48 hours later. So is Best Feet Podiatry good to deal with, easy to deal with? It would appear not, at least so far.

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