Dealing with NSW Government Hospitals 5

If you do a Google search on “inquest newborn Fairfield,” as at 24 Mar 2018, we have just done, a number of results come up relating to a Coroner’s inquest commencing into the fact that a newborn baby had died after a couple found themselves having to deliver their own baby, after they’d gone to the Fairfield Government hospital to get help with the delivery and had got none.

What has got us intrigued is that all of these results are dated either 11 Mar, 12 Mar or 13 Mar, and that as at today, the 24 Mar, 11, 12 or 13 days later, there’s been nothing since.


To us, the fact that a couple could go to a NSW Government hospital for help in delivering their baby, only to find that they end up having to deliver it themselves without any help, is already the biggest scandal we’ve ever come across – is this to be another chapter, that reporting on the Coroner’s proceedings is to be cut off half way through???

The poor father is going to have nightmares for the rest of his life! Does anyone care?

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