Dealing with NSW Government Hospitals 8

Further to this post in which we referred to certain articles in the media dated March 11, 12  and 13, reporting on a coronial inquest into certain events that had occurred at the Fairfield Government hospital, of which this is an example.

As you can see, this article reports that “a coronial inquest is currently examining the events,” i.e. the coronial inquest was in the course of happening on 13 March. Yet 3 weeks and 2 days later nothing further has been reported – on how the inquest may have proceeded or on any conclusions that may have been reached etc. etc. etc.!!!!????

We don’t know what our readers think, but to us it’s impossible to believe that the media hasn’t received threats of some sort of punishment if they publish anything further.

Perhaps from the Berejiklian government itself??? Perhaps threats of gaol???

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