Dr Andrew James Brooks, Urologist 7

We’ve had a phone call from one of Andrew Brooks’ henchmen, using a blocked phone number, from an organisation that we’re told that even in this day and age doesn’t have a website, giving us a name that’s no doubt false, and when we asked him if he could send us an email, said he would, but no doubt he won’t – and the purpose of his phone call was to try and intimidate us into taking down the material we have on Brooks on our blogs and websites, and saying that we owe him an apology!!!!

Typical Andrew Brooks stuff!

As we told this caller, over nearly four and a half years now, we’ve sent Brooks at least 25 emails giving him the opportunity to put his case as to why, despite what one of our readers has claimed about having an absolutely disastrous experience with him, people should still consider him a good doctor to use, and he hasn’t even acknowledged even one of them, let alone responded to it.

It’s time for him to start telling his side of the story – not for us to stop publishing our reader’s side of the story.

Come on Dr Brooks. The people are waiting. It’s not good enough for you to NEVER be providing your side of the story – just expecting people to be satisfied with you saying that anyone who says they need answers about you and your services has “mental problems,” as you seem to be doing. It’s a different world now. People need to feel that people like you are accountable for what you do and say.

We’re just the go-between people here.

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