Dr Aravinda Thiagalingam – Cardiologist 1

Dr Thiagalingam has two email addresses – aravinda.thiagalingam@health.nsw.gov.au and aravinda.thiagalingam@sydney.edu.au, and we have been made aware of more than seven emails being sent to both of them, along with a couple of “snail mails,” which he hasn’t acknowledged in any way, let alone provided any responses to. (Of course, it was madness to have sent any more after the first two were ignored – people mostly have better things to do with their time.)

We suspect that he may have never answered an email in his whole life.

To be fair though, if any of our readers have ever sent him an email and got a reply, if they were prepared to send us copies of their email, and the reply, we’d be more than happy to publicise them in any way we could.

Governernment hospitals seem to specialise in employing doctors, like Dr Thiagalingam.

Of course, in our normal lives, in the real world, if we’re half smart, we won’t use specialists who totally ignore emails sent to them by patients – increasingly it’s something they can’t get away with. But if we’re in a Government hospital or have been in one, we often don’t have the choice, do we.

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