Dr Bryan Pang, Dermatologist

We don’t normally take much notice of ratings – it’s too easy for good ones and bad ones to be put up and publicised. BUT! we would have thought that someone who gets as many bad ratings as Dr Pang was someone to steer well clear of.

On one particular ratings site he has 58 ratings, at least a third of them as bad as you can get!

This particular ratings site allows for those who are rated to respond to ratings – it seems clear that Dr Pang doesn’t bother to to this.

We would have thought it was enough to put you off trying to deal with him and perhaps the other dermatologists at the Sydney Dermatology Group of which it is said that he is the “Founder and Medical Director.”

He’s obviously decided that his practice can survive very well, thank you very much, with him continuing to get so many such bad ratings and with him not responding to any of them in any way – and obviously it does!

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