Dr Jennifer Sandbach – Sydney Ophthalmologist

If you suffer from double vision and consult an eye doctor about it, you should be told about two things in the first few minutes – MRIs of the brain and glasses with prisms in them.


Because MRIs of the brain can establish quickly and easily whether your double vision is caused by anything serious or not. And glasses with prisms in them can solve the practical problems of your double vision, make it as though you haven’t got double vision.

But the Kerrie Meades and the Jennifer Sandbachs of this world never mention these two things, NEVER. Why? Because these two things are capable of “killing the goose that lays the golden egg,” to quote the old saying. If they haven’t heard of them, they can keep patients in their rooms for hours and hours telling them, “Oh dear, it’s most important that we find out the causes of your double vision and they can be really complicated,” and run up fees and more fees when it’s not important at all.

See this email sent to Dr Jennifer Sandbach on Tue. 23 Oct. 2018:-

A Fri. 26 Oct 2018 update: No response yet, and we don’t think we’ll ever get one.

Our strong recommendation to readers is that, if they are thinking of consulting Dr Sandbach, that they email her using the ordinary email address on her practice’s website, www.annandaleeyecare.com.au¬†asking for her comments on the above email, and that if she doesn’t respond to them like she hasn’t and won’t to us, that they look for someone else. People who are considering dealing with doctors are entitled to expect responses to emails like this.

To doctors who are prepared to stand behind what they do and say, it’s no problem at all to ¬†provide responses of some sort to emails like this.

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