Dr Timothy Tan – Sydney Cardiologist 4


Dr Tan advises that he doesn’t receive emails sent to him using the email address shown for him here on the The University of Sydney School of Medicine’s website – tim.tan@sydney.edu.au – even now, and in fact, hasn’t received any of the the 10 or so emails sent to him by one of our readers over the last two and a half years using this address.

This would seem incredibly unlikely for three reasons:-

Firstly, that it would seem to mean that he hadn’t been receiving any emails from anyone using this address in the last two and a half years, as there would appear to be no reason to think that our reader’s emails would be treated any differently to anyone elses.

Secondly, that it would cast doubt on all the email addresses shown on this prestigious website, as there would appear to be no reason to think that his email address was any different to all the other email addresses shown. Could they all not be working?

Thirdly, we’ve been using these email addresses for at least 10 years, and no one else has ever made such a claim.

We’re investigating. But, of course, in the meantime, it’s up to individuals who may be thinking of using Dr Tan as their doctor to make up their own minds about this, as surely the number one quality we should require in a doctor is honesty.

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