Dr Tobias Pincock

If you go to the HCCC website, and do a search on “tobias pincock,” you will be taken to a Media Release, dated 9 March 2016, which tells how Dr Pincock and his anaesthetist Dr Kirsten Morgan had been reprimanded “in the strongest possible terms” for carrying on regardless with a “nose job” on a patient even though, very early on, the patient had suffered “a life-threatening cardiac arrest,” and hadn’t even looked after their patient properly when it was all over.

There are lots of articles on this story, (where would we be without the journalists?) in one of which the patient is quoted as saying, Dr Pincock “failed to appreciate that her life was more important than her nose.”

Dr Pincock has his own website – nothing on it about this, of course, but lots of big/huge pictures of sexy people.

Note: One of the things that this story confirms is that it’s often more than 5 years from when incidents occur that lead doctors to being reprimanded, or even deregistered, before we the people learn anything about the incidents, which could be vital information – in this case it was from 31 Jan 2011 until the 9 Mar 2016.

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