Finding out what’s wrong with us, i.e. proper diagnosis 2

These two paragraphs in this article would make us laugh if they weren’t said in a context that’s SO sad.

The “young woman” referred to DID seek medical advice immediately – she went to a bloody Government hospital and “was reportedly sent home from the hospital with pain killers,” only to be dead within 24 hours!!!!

This to go with other similar stories we’ve reported on in the past – like the one in which a 13 year old boy was discharged from a government hospital at 1.30 in the morning, only to be dead within 13 hours. And another one in which a 27 year old was in a government hospital and his illness was never properly diagnosed during 48 hours, by which time he was dead.

We are wondering if it will ever be announced in New South Wales that, “We are creating an entity properly staffed by people who are absolute experts in what’s on the internet to assist in deciding what illnesses patients have, who can be consulted day and night, by phone and email, by anyone in government hospitals.”

It’s probably not very likely while Gladys Berejiklian is the Premier and Brad Hazzard is the Minister for Health.

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