Finding the best specialist doctors to deal with 1

We’ve been a Peter Drucker fan, at least since 1973, when his 839 page book, “Management, Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices,” was first published, which we’ve read over and over again.

To us, this part of a paragraph, from a page in a book called “The Daily Drucker,” incorporates one of his particularly important concepts, which we’ve referred to over and over again, over the years:-

But only in the last few days we’ve realised that just as importantly, if not more so, People decisions are the ultimate control of our lives LIVES – and in no area are people decisions more important than the decisions we make as to which doctors to use.

There are SO many doctors out there who not only don’t help us, they do us harm, perhaps lifelong harm, as we and many of our readers have experienced – at the very best they only waste our time and money.

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