Finding the best specialist doctors to deal with 2

To us, modern technology helps us with this enormously.

Here’s what to do.

Send an email to those most likely to be able to help you, who have an ordinary email address readily available, along these lines.

“I am, (sex, age and other personal details;) I have this or these problems, (blah, blah blah;) is helping people with these problems within your areas of expertise?; if not, is there anyone else you can recommend?; looking forward to hearing from you; yours etc. etc.”

We find that, in practice, if you send out at least 20 of such emails, you will get at least 5 replies, perhaps even 7 or 8, and that picking the 3 best out of these replies is relatively easy, and make appointments to at least have initial consultations with those who have sent the 3 best.

To us, if you’re not prepared to spend the time and effort doing this, you’ll have no one else to blame except for yourself, if you end up seeing someone who’s not very good. If you have the ordinary email addresses, it should only take you half an hour to send out 20.

Of course, the time consuming part is putting together the 20 or s0 ordinary email addresses – although, we believe that increasingly you will find this is done for you.

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