Geoff Lee – Parramatta State Member of Parliament 2

We’ve written before about how completely unhelpful and useless we’ve found this bloke to be.

But he wouldn’t be entirely stupid – he’s obviously decided, and presumably has good reasons for doing so, that people are more likely to vote for him if he sends them expensive brochures every couple of months with 17 or 18 photos of himself in photo opportunities, and sends them cards on their birthday, than if he provided helpful responses to issues raised with him, and if this is so, then, if issues are not being properly addressed, it’s we the people who are at fault.

There’s an old saying – “We get the politicians we deserve.”

One thing’s for sure, we believe, and that is that it would become a very different world if the politicians who provided helpful responses to emails sent to them about the issues that were concerning them were more likely to be voted for than the Geoff Lees.

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