Interesting articles – painless surgery blasts cancerous lung tumour away without puncturing the skin 2

Further to our previous post on this matter, we have signed up with The Times and have been able to view the whole article on this matter, which you can view by using this link.

What would be the chances of anyone with lung cancer finding a Sydney GP who would know anything about this apparently exciting new treatment? Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!

Not that the GPs are necessarily entirely at fault – keeping up with how patients can be best helped if they have problems outside of the GP’s own expertise is an enormous job, and it depends what backup they get.

Nevertheless the view is perpetuated that GPs always know what’s best when, in terms of our experience and that of our readers, this is just nonsense. And, of course, specialists are always bending over backwards to say nice things about GPs because they depend so heavily on them to refer them patients.

We have no doubt that there will be people who earn a living by providing the latest and best information on things like this new treatment for lung cancer, for the information of doctors and the people. Perhaps there already are? Or is everyone just depending on journalist writing articles to sell newspapers?

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