Interesting articles – painless surgery blasts cancerous lung tumour away without puncturing the skin 1

There are so many articles like this in the media, so many exciting developments.

And to us, they always raise the same questions – when modern technology makes it possible for the answers to every conceivable question about such developments to be made available to anyone interested, doctors and lay people alike, all round the world, almost instantaneously, to what extent is this happening? And to the extent that it may not be happening, why not?

Putting this another way – 24 hours after articles like this first appeared in the media, is there anything we can refer to that provides us with better and more information than articles in the media, important though they may be, written by journalists whose primary expertise is in authoring articles that sell newspapers.

Or putting this another way again – which is the best article we can go to right now for information on this development?

Feedback from readers would be very much appreciated.

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