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All the problems we have in dealing with governments on medical, health and other matters, come back to one thing – WE, THE PEOPLE, KEEP ELECTING MEMBERS WHO ARE COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY USELESS. This, when modern technology has put into our hands ordinary email addresses which make it kindergarten stuff to know what existing members or parliament and prospective members are like – we can just send them ordinary emails and see if they provide helpful responses, and vote for the ones who give the best responses.

To us, it’s utter madness for us to vote for people who don’t respond when we email them about our interests and concerns.

We have written about this so much. For instance, we have written so much about how useless Geoff Lee, the State Member for Parliament for Parramatta is – he never even acknowledges emails sent to him. But, to a certain extent, they’re all the same, and we, the people, put up with it. Leading up to the last State election a number of emails were sent to ┬áthe Labor person standing against him and she didn’t acknowledge any of them either, let alone provide replies to them.

Over the years we sent so many emails to Walt Secord, the NSW Labor Shadow Minister for Health, about various matters, and we never even received an acknowledgement of one of them, let alone received a response to one of them. And we sent an email to Ryan Park, the new Labor Shadow Minister for Health, on 1 Nov. last, attaching a copy of one of our posts for his information and comment, and it hasn’t even been acknowledged either.

We’re beginning to think these blokes don’t even come to work

Of course, we don’t expect Members of Parliament to answer all or any of the emails sent to them, but we would certainly expect that the various political parties would have people whose job it was to provide responses to emails from prospective voters.

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