Michael Keenan – Federal Minister for Digital Transformation 2

We’ve mentioned in a previous blog that this paragraph has occurred in a recent article:-

Our guess is that it’s to make us all think, “Oh my! what a great government Australia has!” but that no one knows, least of all Minister Keenan, what making “all government services digital” means.

One of our readers has had this experience recently.

He emailed a question to the Australian Health Practioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to do which, of course, he had to fill in an email form, 2 pages in length, and, of course, disclose his date of birth, which, of course, has nothing to do with anything. To give credit where credit is due, a response came back the next day. However, the response wasn’t an answer to his question at all – his question had been completely misunderstood. Of course, an ordinary email address was used to provide this response – that’s how it had to be – but he was warned that it couldn’t be used to send anything further, he had to use the same 2 page email form , fill in all the same details again, including his date of birth, which he decided to do. This time he got a response the same day!!! but it was response in which he was admonished – “We gave you an answer to this question yesterday – didn’t you read it?” So he went through the whole process again, sending the 2 page email form with all the same details, and this time he got an answer to his question – well sort of.

We would have thought that AHPRA is perhaps a government service that’s already been made “digital.” Athough, who would know? And if that’s so, do we only have to wait another 7 years for all government services to be like that?

To view the correspondence with AHPRA IN full, use this this link.

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