Miscellaneous 3

When we’re thinking of consulting a doctor, what we’re usually looking for is just a few main details like, what if anything they specialise in, how they may best be contacted, where they can be seen, and perhaps a few details that are already available on the AHPRA website, and it really annoys us, that when doctors could make it so easy for us to be provided with these details, with a blog or website that could be put together by a school child or by professionals for 2 or 3 hundred dollars, and which would cost no more than 2 or 3 dollars a week to host, how seldom they do it.

Instead we have to do searches here, there and everywhere to get them.

And what’s making it worse is that it seems that more and more organisations, like truelocal.com.au, manta.com, around you.com.au, etc. etc. – there seem to be more than 20 of them – are clogging up the internet, purporting to provide us with this sort of help, when they don’t help at all.

Any doctor who goes to the trouble to have the sort of blog or website we’ve described is always off to a flying start as far as we’re concerned – it makes us think that they may be into communication!

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