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A statement by one of our readers, a retired doctor, that leaves us completely flabbergasted!

“On average it takes 17 years for breakthroughs in health to become common practice.”

Could this possibly be true??? Are the doctors you and I will see today and tomorrow unaware of breakthroughs in health that have occurred up to 17 years ago???

Surely, now that we have the internet, this shouldn’t be how it is!!!??? But perhaps it is.

One of the most exciting health breakthroughs we’ve heard about for a long time is described in articles like this:-

We’ve written three posts on it, (which you can view by using the search facility on this blog to do a search on “lung,”) on 7 May 2018, 10 May 2018 and 23 Aug 2018, since articles started appearing about it on 7 May 2018 – see this Times article on it.

So, 8 months later, has the treatment described turned out to be a real health breakthrough, and if so, is it available to those in Sydney with lung cancer?

We wrote this in our 23 Aug 2018 post:-

And our guess would be that this is still true.

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