Modafinil, providing Mental Energy 7

One of our readers, who’s in his mid-80s, says he couldn’t live without the mental energy Modafinil gives him. He says that with mental energy, he feels like doing things – without it, he mainly sits or lies around doing nothing, and that as he gets older every hour that he fells like doing things is precious, as he has fewer and fewer of them.

Yet so few doctors seem to recommend it.

In particular he saw a Geriatician once, (Geriatricians specialise in helping the over 65s,) who, when he asked her about Modafinil, just dismissed it, saying, “Oh that’s for people who nod off,” when our reader says he’s never nodded off in his life.

He says he believes that it’s almost criminal that doctors are not suggesting to all but perhaps the very youngest of their patients that they give it a try – for even quite young patients, there may be times when they need extra mental energy. But to not be suggesting to older patients is a disgrace.

One thing he says, one has to be careful with it as the extra mental energy it gives you during the day can cause it to be harder for you to go to sleep at night, although this may not happen to younger people. And he says he’s found that you can’t take a full tablet every day – for years he took a full tablet every second day. But lately he’s settled on taking a half tablet every day, with a mild sleeping tablet at night. It’s a matter of what best suits each individual.

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