Natasha Maclaren-Jones, the Berejiklian Government’s Parliamentary Secretary for Health – dealing with 1

A summary of this post: An email was sent to Ms Maclaren-Jones on 11 Mar., after she’d put in writing that, “All local health districts and specialty networks in NSW provide a similar service to the the Patient and Family Experience Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital,” which, of course, was/is an outright lie. Not even an acknowledgement of this email has been received from her, (the providing of which would have taken someone all of 4 or 5 seconds,) – she obviously doesn’t care!!!

An email sent to Ms Natasha Maclaren-Jones, (the Berejiklian government’s Parliamentary Secretary for Health,) on Wed. 11 Mar. 2020, with copies to Brad Hazzard, the Berejiklian government’s Minister for Health and Medical Research, Geoff Lee, a Berejiklian government Minister and local government member, (in the hope that he would pass it on to Ms Berejiklian,) Ryan Park, the Opposition’s Shadow Minister for Health, and the Sydney Morning Herald’s journalists, Kate McClymont and Kate Aubussen.

A 22 Mar. 2020 update: A reply was received from Ms Maclaren-Jones on 20 Mar. 2020 – see the later posts on her.

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