Natasha Maclaren-Jones, the Berejiklian Government’s Parliamentary Secretary for Health – dealing with 3

More crazy stuff from this woman!

One of the things she’s put in writing – “NSW Health prides itself on providing experience that exceeds expectations of patients and carers!!!”

Has she been living on another planet? Is she aware of cases like these?

A 13 year old boy was so sick he had to be wheeled to his parents car in a wheelchair, he was too sick to walk, and was dead within a few hours – but was nevertheless discharged from the Canterbury government hospital at 1.30 am, an hour or so after midnight!!!

A couple went to the Fairfield NSW Health hospital for help in having a baby – and got none. The couple was forced to try and deliver the baby themselves, and the baby died!!!

And, as we’ve written extensively, the responses to these cases have been completely and utterly inadequate. Typical Berejiklian Government stuff!!!

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