NSW Health hospitals – dealing with

If we do a Google search on “NSW Health hospitals,” this is one of the results that appears.

And, if we click on this link – http://www.ascmo.org.au/ind/nsw-hosp.htm – we are taken to a list of them.

BUT, we’re advised that this list was “last updated 18th Dec ’98!!!” and if we click on any of the names on the list, we’re taken to “Safari Can’t Find the Server!!!”

As we’ve mentioned, a Ms Natasha Maclaren-Jones, the Berejiklian Government’s Parliamentary Secretary for Health, has put this in writing.

And as we’ve also mentioned, in terms of the experiences of our readers, and our own, these claims are absolute rubbish – our guess is that there wouldn’t be 20 out of the 220 which have the Patient and Family Experience Units which it’s claimed the Royal North Shore Hospital has, nor “dedicated positions responsible to responding to patient, family and carers’ feedback,” although, obviously we could be wrong – here’s hoping that, as we further investigate things, that we’re pleasantly surprised. But, as set out above, the Berejiklian Government, (and in this case, any of it’s predecessors, over the last 21 years,) hasn’t particularly made it easy to find email addresses that can be used in finding out whether this is so.

After finding apparent email addresses for the Balmain, Concord and Gosford NSW Health hospitals, we have this day, on Sun. 22 Mar. 2020, sent this email to each of them.

We’ll let you know if we get any responses.

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