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In this post we published what we thought at the time was a complete list of NSW hospitals – it’s since turned out that there are many NSW hospitals not included in this list.

If any of our readers could send us a complete list for us to publish for the benefit of our other readers, we would be most grateful. In the meantime, we are adding names to the list as we come across them.

And we’re seeking to find ordinary email addresses for each hospital.


To us, one of the saddest stories we’ve come across, (although there are lots of sad stories around,) is that of a Mr and Mrs Amone who went to the Fairfield Government hospital back in November 2014 for help in having their baby and got none, they had to deliver the baby themselves, and the baby died.

Our aim is to locate a hospital or hospitals which would GUARANTEE that this wouldn’t happen to couples coming to them for help in having a baby.

It’s a huge job which we started, over a month ago, by sending this letter by email to two of Ramsay Health Care‘s PR people:-

We’ve always found Ramsay Health Care horrible to deal with, and the fact that our letters haven’t even been acknowledged in over a month has only only confirmed what we suspected – that nothing is getting any better.

So readers, if you are looking to find a hospital where what Mr and Mrs Sam Amone experienced won’t be repeated, don’t waste any of your precious time on a hospital if it turns out to be a Ramsay hospital – as we did.

And, of course, once you’ve got a hospital’s email address, you can use it for other purposes as well.

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