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We can never understand why doctors in general, and obstetricians & gynaecologists in particular, don’t have their own websites – when in ten minutes or so they could have one up and running at a cost of less than three dollars a week! It would make things so much easier and convenient for all concerned. We believe they should have one, even if they belong to a group of doctors in a practice or hospital.

As health care consumers we mainly want to know three things – what they specialise in, where they can best be seen and how they can best be contacted, details it would only take a few minutes to put together and made readily available, but which it often takes us health care consumers so much time to find.

Let us take the example of Dr Jan Dudley, for instance – we hope she doesn’t mind.

She has 12 out 12 highest possible ratings on the RateMDs.com website, and while we don’t take much notice of ratings these days, this might make some interested in seeing her. But extensive searching on the internet has not resulted in us getting full information on the three basic things described above.

The name, drjandudley.com is available and could be registered in less than five minutes.

(Admittedly it may be that drjandudley.com.au is a lot more complicated to register – but we can see absolutely no point in having drjandudley.com.au over drjandudley.com, unless it’s so marketing and technology people can charge more fees. And if this is so it’s quite outrageous. Readers could ask their marketing and technology advisors about this and let us know what they say.)

And once the name was registered, it would take another 5 minutes or so for a blog or website, whatever was deemed the most appropriate, to be up and running, together with an ordinary email address.

To us, if a doctor has their own website it means they’re into communication – many doctors aren’t into communication even if you’re sitting right in front to them.

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