Politicians – Julie Owens 2

Further to this post, in response to the three emails we’ve sent Ms Owens since 5 July, we finally got this reply on 28 Jul. 2018:-

We can’t make head nor tail of the last sentence of her second paragraph! And when WE went to Liz Scully’ FaceBook page, there was no email address in it’s ‘about’ section as she claimed – although, to be fair, she did promise to take this “discrepancy” up with Ms Scully.

Her position clearly boils down to saying that unless you disclose your full identity she won’t address your concerns.

This is one of the emails we’ve sent her, in response:-

But we don’t think that the Julie Owens of this world, and there are lots of them, are ever going to change. Hopefully they’ll gradually be replaced in our parliaments by people who are more helpful. It’s in our hands.

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