Politicians serving the people 2

Liz Scully 2

We learnt recently that Ms Scully is to be the Labor candidate for the seat of Parramatta in the 2019 NSW State Election, which led us to thinking that we might raise a very important issue with her and see how she responded.

Firstly, we found that she didn’t have an ordinary email address – after considerable searching it seemed that the only way of contacting her was by using the incredibly crude and difficult facility on her FaceBook page. And that secondly, when we used this to raise an important issue with her, she hadn’t responded in any way more than 2 weeks later.

Readers, modern technology has put into our hands an incredibly powerful and simple means of establishing what aspiring politicians are like – we can just email them. And we can just vote for those who come over as being likely to be the most helpful if elected – hopefully candidates who are not as completely and utterly unhelpful and useless as Ms Scully. It’s in our hands!

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