Professor Robert Denniss – Cardiologist 1

We’ve become aware of a letter just being sent to Professor Denniss, the head of Cardiologogy at the Westmead Government hospital, with the subject, “Your rubbish,” and ¬†expressing the view that it’s hard to imagine anyone coming over worse, more useless, than he does! It’s the third email that’s been sent to him on the same subject, and it wouldn’t surprise us if, with the first two, he just laughed at them and threw them straight into the trash.

You’d think that someone who was/is a Professor wouldn’t be entirely stupid, and that Professor Denniss has decided, and has a sound basis for doing so, that there’s nothing in it for him to respond to emails sent to him by patients of the hospital. And, if this is so, and it’s seems it may well be, then the fault is with us the people – we’re just not differentiating between those who provide helpful responses to our emails and those who throw them in the trash.

It’s hard to believe that this won’t eventually change – that we, the people, will eventually start favouring those who provide helpful responses to their emails over those who don’t.

More than anything else, this blog is about locating such people and organisations – to us it’s the secret to success in both the personal and work lives of ourselves and our readers.

Of course with Government Hospitals there’s this terrible conflict of interest, in that it’s hard to believe that there wouldn’t be people who’d be happy if they were getting no patients at all, if all the prospective patients were going off to private hospitals – it would save governments SO much money.

Needless to say, if Professor Denniss ever responded with anything helpful, we’d let our readers know.

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