Ramsay Health Care 6

We would have thought that, after numerous dealings with Ramsay Health Care over the years, that nothing about them would surprise us – but this does, slightly!

In this post we told how, in response to a poor rating on their North Shore Private hospital published by Google, this appeared.

(This, despite the fact that the hospital would have had all the complainant’s contact details on file, as he had been a patient in the hospital a few months before – but presumably Amanda wasn’t prepared to go to the trouble of locating them, or getting someone else to locate them, or perhaps they’d been lost?)

Well, now we’ve found that the email address included in this response  – socialmedia.rhc@ramsayhealthcare.com.audoesn’t work!!!!!. After we’d used this email address to send them an email, we got the normal long “I’m sorry to inform you that your message could not be delivered” response by email.

We’re in the process of double checking everything about this, although we’ve done a fair bit of double checking already, in case there’s been some human error or some technical glitch, or something similar – but on the face of it, this tells us everything we could possibly want to know about Ramsay. To us, to become a patient in one of their hospitals is complete and utter madness!

As we said in our previous post – they may as well have up somewhere, in big red letters, “WE REFUSE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANYTHING WE DO AND/OR SAY.”

As we keep saying, the developments in communication in the last 30 years have changed everything – before we let people and organisations into our lives, we can use ordinary mail addresses to send them emails and learn what they’re like. It’s affecting the Telecoms, the AMPs, the big Banks etc etc etc, they are learning, (although perhaps rather slowly,) that they can’t get away with as much – even, perhaps, one day, Ramsay Health Care, although they’ve added a new twist, the email address they provide doesn’t work!!!!!

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