Ramsay Health Care 7

A letter sent by email to Ramsay Health Care on 26 Jun 2018.

To us, the best people and organisations to deal with are those who have an ordinary email address readily available and who have a track record of providing reasonable responses to ┬áreasonable emails sent to them – “By their emails ye shall know them.” And nothing is ever going to improve in the health care sphere, (or in the technology, business, commerce, etc. etc. etc. spheres either,) until we, the people, start giving preference to the people and organisations that do. And the light at the end of the tunnel is that, as we do, things will gradually improve.

Ramsay Health Care has ordinary email addresses, but over the years we have sent them dozens of emails and are yet to get a response to any of them.

To us, anything could happen to us if we ever get admitted to a Ramsay hospital – and there will not be a damn thing you will be able to do about it. Lots of marketing cliches and jargon, lots of pictures of sexy people that fill up our screens – but nothing of substance if we have any concerns, issues or problems.

A 31 Aug 2018 update: Not even an acknowledgement of receipt of the above email yet – more than 2 months later.

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