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Further to this post, since it was reported that a Mr and Mrs Amone had gone to the Fairfield Government hospital for help in delivering their baby and had got none, that they had to deliver the baby themselves and the baby had died, we’ve been interested in the problem of trying to locate a hospital or hospitals in Sydney where it could be GUARANTEED that this wouldn’t happen – and we’ve got nowhere!

Certainly you couldn’t get an organisation less interested in the problem than Ramsay Health Care! You would think that if you went to a fee paying hospital your chances would be better – but we’ve certainly not located any indications that this might be so with Ramsay.

It seems crystal clear that there isn’t a Ramsay hospital in NSW that couples can go to to get ¬†help in delivering their baby and be guaranteed that they will NOT end up having to deliver the baby themselves – any more so than it’s the case with NSW government hospitals while Gladys Berejiklian is the Premier

We’re sick of emailing Ramsay and not even getting our emails acknowledged, let alone responded to.

Perhaps some of our readers could get on better or have got on better with them than we have.

Here are a couple of email addresses of people who are supposed to be PR people – Samantha Clifford at cliffords@ramsayhealth.com.au and Carmel Monaghan at monaghanc@ramsayhealth.com.au.

Of course it’s all a matter of competition, and there are certainly no indications that anything is any better with Gladys Berejiklian government hospitals, and certainly no indications that anything has changed since Mr and Mrs Amone’s experience.

Perhaps there isn’t a hospital in Sydney to which couples can go where it’s GUARANTEED that they won’t have to deliver their baby themselves???? And perhaps those who could do anything about it just don’t care.

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