Reward Systems

We’ve mentioned before that we have a book by Michael Le Boeuf, a management writer, who calls this “the greatest management principle in the world” – “the things that get rewarded get done.”

And Peter Drucker, who’s regarded as the doyen of management writers/consultants, is quoted as saying, “Human beings will behave as they are being rewarded.”

Another way of putting it is to say that in any group of people or section of the community there’s a “Reward System.” And there’s no better example of this than the reward system that’s in place for NSW doctors.

One would hope that this reward system is such that it’s better for these doctors to be “good guys” rather than “bad guys,” but our impression is that, under organisations like the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, who are supposed to be ensuring that it’s better for them to be “good guys,” it’s the other way around.

To take specific examples, it’s our impression that A/Prof. Andrew Brooks, Urologist, who we believe should be in gaol, is going much better, at least financially, than A/Prof. Paul Sved, Urologist, who we’ve always found to be  a competent scholar and gentleman.

And that Dr Kerrie Meades and Dr Jennifer Sandbach, who are supposed to be helpers of those with double vision, and who keep patients in their rooms for hours running up huge bills saying that it’s really important for the causes of double vision to be fully investigated, are going much better, at least financially, than Dr Ross Fitsimmons who takes just a few minutes to tell you that the causes of double vision don’t matter, an MRI will tell you in a few minutes whether you have cause for concern, and glasses with prisms in them will eliminate any practical double vision problems.

We’re continuing our investigations.

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