Some good news!

Some good news, albeit away from the field of of medical questions and answers.

We have often mentioned that we strongly believe that the best organisations to deal with, (a) have competent people in their employ whose job it is to address any concerns we, the people, may have in relation to dealing with that organisation, and (b), that these people are contactable by an ordinary email address which is readily available. And we have happened recently to come across an organisation – Wesfarmers – which we believe is like that exactly.

Wesfarmers is a conglomerate based in Perth, with, (according to the Wikipedia article,) 223,ooo employees, and about 40 subsidiaries,  including major organisations such as Bunnings and Officeworks. We knew that Officeworks was one of their subsidiaries, and something made us check Wesfarmers’ website when we were having some problems in dealing with our local Officeworks store. And we nearly fell over when, there, on the front page of their website was “!!!!!!” So, in our dealings with the local Officeworks store, we copied any emails we sent them to this email address, and the support we got from Wesfarmers itself within a few hours was SO helpful we were left quite flabbergasted.

Imagine if Ramsay Health Care, in particular, and other so-called health care organisations were anything like that, even the Westmead Government hospital and other Government hospitals – the world would be a very different place. We’ll keep searching for health care organisations that are anything like that. At present they’re extremely few and far between.

We say, “Ramsay Health Care, in particular,” because, in our view, if there’s an organisation in the whole wide world less likely to ever be like that, it’s Ramsay Health Care. Organisations like Ramsay want to be successful without the expense of having competent people in their employ whose job it is to address any concerns we may have in relation to dealing with them – and perhaps it’s us, the people, who are letting them.

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