Urologists in Sydney 2

If any of our readers need a Urologist in Sydney, we couldn’t recommend two more highly, in terms of our own experiences and those of our readers – A/Prof. Paul Sved and A/Prof. Vincent Tse.

(Ironically, in more than ten years of working on finding the best health care and welfare people and avoiding those who are perhaps not the best, we have found 5 doctors who we couldn’t recommend more highly – and two of them are Urologists.)

The contrast between them and Urologists like Dr Andrew Brooks couldn’t be greater.

Professor Tse said this an email to us once – “Good doctors are always good communicators.” And, in our experience, he’s certainly a good communicator.

Google searches readily locate an ordinary email address for Professor Tse –  vincent.tse@sydney.edu.au.

But, funnily enough, after all we’ve said about him, this is no longer so with Professor Sved. We have no doubt that this would be because he’s become so busy, has so many patients, that ones that were readily available have been taken down. Such a pity.

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