The “Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission”

According to articles in the media dated about 20 Apr 2018, like the one shown below, Ken Wyatt has announced that an “Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission” is to be formed by the Australian Government, which, as one article puts it, “will aim to prevent abuse and widespread systemic failures.”

Headlines like this one, in relation to this, just make us laugh – “Powerful watchdog to overhaul aged care system.” When have Australian Federal governments set up and/or maintained “powerful watchdogs” in relation to anything?

No doubt it will be like the Australian Health Care Practitioner Regulation Authority – completely and utterly useless. We’ve long since given up attempting to get anywhere with the people in AHPRA. And the Ken Wyatts of this world won’t care!

We will make complaints to it, the responses to us, if any, will turn out to be a waste of our time and effort, and complaints to Ken Wyatt about this will turn out to be a further waste of our time and effort!

In our experience, complaints to Ken Wyatt are responded to with an automated response saying something along these lines – “Oh dear! I’m getting SO many emails! And, of course, I’ve got to give priority to responding to emails from people in my own electorate.” And you never hear anything more!

It’s supposed to start operating on 1 Jan, 2019.

Time will tell.

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