The Berejiklian Government in action 2

To summarise.

According  to the media, (do a Google search on “Sam Amone,) a couple went to a NSW Government Hospital for help in delivering a baby and got none – they found they had to try and deliver the baby themselves, and the baby died.

Although this was way back on 25 Nov 2014, so that nearly four years have passed since, we can’t find a scrap of evidence that anything has changed, nor that anyone in the Berejiklian Government, and this includes Ms Berejiklian herself, cares in the slightest.

The only action that seems to have been taken is that media reporting on a Coroner’s investigation into the matter, alleged to have commenced on 11 Mar 2018, nearly two months ago, seems to have been suppressed, perhaps on the Berejiklian Government’s orders. Heil Hitler!

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