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There are certain things that are quite simple about this matter.

“We get the aged care facilities we deserve” can certainly be added to the old saying, “We get the politicians we deserve.”

Putting it another way – if we’re dealing with an aged care facility that’s not the best, what happens to us is what we deserve.

The best aged care facilities, these days, are likely to be the ones that (1) have an ordinary email address, and, (2)  have the best record of providing reasonable responses to reasonable emails sent to them.

Putting this another way, those who don’t have an ordinary email address, (or even an email form,) and those who do, but have a poor record as far as¬†providing reasonable responses to reasonable emails sent to them, are unlikely to be the best, INCREDIBLY unlikely.

So the search is on for those who best meet these requirements, which is totally up to us, the people, as it’s also INCREDIBLY unlikely that governments will ever help us with. Even after all their Royal Commissions and so on, it’s INCREDIBLY unlikely that anything will change.

A post script.

We never know whether to laugh or cry over this sort of thing.

While Prime Minister Morrison appears to be trying to give the impression that his government really cares about problems in the aged care industry, he has Ken Wyatt as his “Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care!!!!!!!” who we’ve always found to be almost indescribably completely and utterly useless.

Over the years, whenever we’ve sent Wyatt an email about anything we’ve always got back an automated reply along the lines of, “Oh dear! I’m getting SO many emails. And, of course, I’ve always got to give priority to replying to emails from people in my own electorate.” And never heard anything more.

And it’s happened AGAIN! We’ve just, (on 19 Sep. 2018,) sent him a copy of the above post, for his “information and comment,” and immediately got back the same automated reply.

We’ll let you have a copy if we ever get anything further – that’s if we haven’t dropped dead from shock.

By the way, we’ve been unable to find that Bill Shorten and his Labor people even have a Minister for Aged Care, (shadow.)

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