The Eastern Suburbs Private Hospital 2

In this post, we refer to the fact that, in relation to one of the nurses in this hospital, the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission claims to have found that, amongst other things, she “would sleep while on duty,” and did so for three years!!!??? – see this Media Release.

This hospital has an ordinary email address –, (which not all hospitals have,) and you would think that at least once, perhaps many times, during the three years, a patient or patients would have used it to send something like, “Hey, one of your nurses was asleep when I needed her” – it would have been kindergarten stuff to do so.

Perhaps the atmosphere of the hospital was/is such that patients felt they would be victimised if they did anything like this.

Perhaps emails were sent, but no action was taken by the management of the hospital?

Perhaps there are readers out there who did this who could let us know how they got on.

Perhaps the management of the hospital has another side to the story which they could let us have?

We have a simple view on this – other things being equal, we’re stark raving mad dealing with people and organisations in every sphere, but particularly those to do with our health, if they don’t have an ordinary email address we can use to contact them, and who don’t have a track record of providing reasonable responses to reasonable emails. And there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that this hospital has such a track record.

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