The Hospital for Specialist Surgery, Bella Vista 11

In hindsight, we are SO SO annoyed at ourselves for spending so much time and effort on this hospital – would you believe it, this is our 11th post on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This, when it was SO obvious what it and it’s people there were like from the response to our first email, sent on 28 March, 2018 – to view the correspondence in full, use this link¬†to our first post.

To summarise, according to reports in the media, the Police are alleging that a Percy McCarthy, one of their senior nurses, a “team leader” no less, having gone through the private possessions of one of their patients, a Mrs XXX, a lady in her 70s recovering from cancer surgery, and having found 2 credit cards, then, on 16 March 2018, assaulted and assaulted the patient until she provided the relevant pin numbers, and then drew $1,000 out of the patient’s bank accounts. And when we emailed the hospital, on 28 March, asking for their comments on all this, hoping, perhaps, that we’d get something back from, Rosemary McDonald, it’s general manager, all we got back was an email from it’s marketing manager, (who trusts marketing managers?) responding, along the lines of, “Oh dear, the relevant authorities are looking into this, so we can’t say anything at this time.”

And that’s all we’ve ever been able to get from them in nearly 7 months since. And the matter still hasn’t got to court.

We even wasted further time and effort, (how stupid could we be?) sending emails to doctors on their Board of Directors, (at least those who could be contacted by email,) seeing if any of them cared, when it should have been obvious that if any of them did, the responses from the hospital itself might have been very different – of course none of them replied.

We’ve been working in the interfacing with the medical system area for more than 10 years now, and we used to think that we could get organisations like this hospital to change. But we’ve come to realise, readers, that it’s this simple – nothing’s going to change until we the people, DO OUR HOMEWORK, and IF we can find other hospitals where the response is better, we start avoiding ¬†hospitals like this one like the plague. Of course this is a big “IF” – it’s all about the competition.

That’s what this blog and it’s related website is all about – helping you and us to do our homework.

And, as we’re always saying, “By their emails ye shall know them.”

(Query? Does Rosemary McDonald even come to work?)

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