The Hospital for Specialist Surgery, Bella Vista 12

As you can see, this is our 12th post on this hospital. We can’t stop thinking about it!

As we’ve mentioned, according to media reports, the Police have charged one of it’s former employees, a senior nurse, a “team leader” no less, with rummaging though the personal belongings of one of it’s patients, a lady in her 70s recovering from cancer surgery, finding 2 credit cards which she then stole, and then assaulted and assaulted the patient, causing “deep bruising,” until she revealed the pin numbers necessary to use the credit cards, and then proceeded to use them to steal a thousand dollars.

And we’ve recently had two further thoughts.

Firstly, how did the hospital ever come to even employ someone like this, let alone make her a senior nurse, let alone make her a “team leader?” Surely there must have been something in the background of this 45 year old women indicating that she was capable of acting like a vicious common criminal, which someone should have picked up? Surely this didn’t come totally “out of the blue?”

Secondly, this woman must have thought that the hospital offered the sort of environment where she might well get away with this sort of conduct – and perhaps she would have, for all the hospital cared, if the Police hadn’t somehow got involved. Presumably she wasn’t thinking, “If I do this I’ll end up getting the sack,” which is what happened.

But we’ve given up trying to get any proper responses from the hospital on this – all we’ve ever got from them is childish gobbledegook.

We find this SO exasperating! Come on guys! We’ve got to wake up to ourselves! Unless they lift their game, hospitals like this should be avoided like the plague.

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