The Hospital for Specialist Surgery, Bella Vista 3

According to allegations in the media, a senior nurse at this hospital, described in court documents as a “team leader,” was actually an absolute monster in that she stole the credit cards of one of the hospital’s patients, a 77 year old lady recovering from cancer surgery, and then assaulted her and assaulted her, “causing deep bruising to the victim’s body,” until she revealed the cards’ pin numbers, and then was caught on CCTV footage using the credit cards and the pin numbers to draw money out of the accounts.

As at today, 10 Apr 2016, it’s nearly 4 weeks since these events are alleged to have taken place.

We wouldn’t like to be someone trying to decide whether to become a patient of this hospital!!!

You would think that the hospital’s management would be wanting to make a statement as soon as possible on these events, for the assistance of such people, but from what we’ve set out in previous posts on the hospital, we’re not sure when this is going to happen, if ever.

We sure that there would be particular interest on their comments on how such a person, alleged to be such an absolute monster, could become one of the senior nurses in the hospital, a “team leader” without giving any indications that were picked up on what she was really like.

And you would think that the doctors who own the hospital, said to be 48 of them, would be wanting to make a statement or statements too, in due course – whatever “in due course” means in this context.

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