The Hospital for Specialist Surgery, Bella Vista 4

Further to previous posts on this hospital.

According to articles in the media, Percy McCarthy, a senior nurse in this hospital, described as a “team leader,” on 16 Mar 2018 searched through the belongings of a 77 year old patient in the hospital who was recovering from cancer surgery until she found 2 credit cards, then assaulted and assaulted the patient until she revealed the pin numbers for the cards, causing “deep bruising,” and then used the cards and the pin numbers to withdraw $1,000, which it is being claimed, she then pocketed.

According to Ms McCarthy’s lawyer, her defence is that it was a complete stranger, a “random person,” who stole the cards and assaulted the patient, and then as she was leaving work, gave her the cards and pin numbers and said to her something like, “Here’s 2 cards with pin numbers, go and draw out $1,000 which you can keep” – it’s a bit hard for it to be part of her defence that it wasn’t her that drew the money out, as she has been captured on camera doing it!

It will be interesting to see how well this defence goes!!!???. But from the perspective of those who may be considering going to this hospital, it’s a bit hard to say which story is worse – that one of their senior nurses was responsible, or that the hospital is run in such a way that a complete stranger could enter the hospital, search through one of it’s patients’ belongings until he or she found some credit cards, and then assault and assault the patient until she revealed the card’s pin numbers, without anyone doing anything to stop them!!!???

As at 20 Apr 2018, more than 6 weeks since the alleged event, we don’t think the hospital has said anything to make any sensible person think that going to it might be a good idea, as you can see from our previous posts. But, of course, it’s a question of whether any other private hospital would be any better. Perhaps having your possessions gone through, having credit cards stolen, being assaulted and assaulted until you reveal the pin numbers, until you are too afraid to go to sleep, is one of the things you have to accept as perhaps happening to you if you go to private hospitals these days.

What can you do to deal with this sort of thing?

Our view, is that you need to take your own mobile phone with you, and that you should have a relative or relatives standing by who you could phone if there were any problems and they could make phone calls for you AND send and send emails to the management people. But in this hospital there aren’t any ordinary email addresses for the management people in general and the General Manager, Rosemary McDonald, in particular. We get the impression that Rosemary McDonald never wants to know anything about incidents like this, and certainly doesn’t want to be expected to do anything about them – it might spoil her whole day. Or that she could believe that there could be all these articles in the media for more than 6 weeks, and that even if she doesn’t respond to them in any way, people will still keep coming to her hospital. Perhaps she’s right!!!

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