The Hospital for Specialist Surgery, Bella Vista 6

There can be little doubt that nearly three months ago, on the 16 Mar 2018, the belongings of a 77 year old female patient recovering from cancer surgery in this hospital were gone through by someone until credit cards were located, and that that someone then assaulted and assaulted the patient until she gave up her pin numbers for the cards, enabling that someone to withdraw $1,000 – according to the media, a senior nurse in the hospital has been charged by the Police with being that person.

The difficulty for the senior nurse in defending these charges is that she has been caught on camera withdrawing the $1,000! But she is maintaining that she was given the credit cards and pin numbers by a complete stranger and that it was this complete stranger who did the stealing of the the credit cards and the assaulting of the patient!!!???

We’re not sure which is worse – that a patient in this hospital should have this experience at the hands of one of the nurses in the hospital, or, at the hands of a complete stranger, able to get access into the hospital, get access to a patient’s belongings, and then assault and assault a patient, without the hospital preventing any of these these things from happening. But the management of the hospital has made the fact that the Police proceedings, originally scheduled for May, have not yet been completed, (or even started,) as a basis for them not to comment in any way.

Rosemary McDonald, the General Manager of the hospital, in particular seems to have no interest whatever in any of the above.

She concludes the section on her on the hospital’s website with:-

But she doesn’t have an ordinary email address!!! A General Manager claiming to have an interest in feedback when she doesn’t have an ordinary email address!!! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!

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