The Hospital for Specialist Surgery, Bella Vista 9

The Police have alleged that a Ms Percy McCarthy, a senior nurse from this hospital, fossicked through the possessions of one of it’s patients, a 75 year old female recovering from cancer surgery, and that when she found two credit cards, assaulted the patient and assaulted her until she revealed their pin numbers, which were then used to withdraw/steal $1,000.

A horror story that’s about as bad as it gets!

That was on 16 Mar 2018 – more than 4 months ago.

In the meantime, it’s general manager and it’s 6 directors, who have been emailed about these allegations, don’t seem to have the slightest interest or concern about them.

It’s obvious that, as far as the people in general are concerned, the Hospital for Specialist Surgerys of this world can still operate while being like this, but the aim of the blog is to help people to be a bit smarter, to avoid using them if at all possible. We would have thought that those who contemplated using them, if it could be possibly avoided, were stark raving mad!!!

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