The Low Dose Naltrexone story

We’ve written before about how it’s claimed for Low Dose Naltrexone that it may be the greatest medical breakthrough ever, certainly the greatest for 50 years.

And as part of the Low Dose Naltrexone story, one of our readers, who says he’s been on it since 1 Oct. 2018, claims that, as well as feeling amazingly fit and well at the age of 83, he’s experienced a number of be specific benefits, in particular these three.

(1) He’s at an age when, each year, he has to get a doctor to certify that he’s medically fit to hold a driver’s licence for another 12 months, and in October 2018, his eyesight was considered as only just good enough – so he was fully expecting to have to get another pair of glasses before October 2019. But, in September 2019, an Ophthalmologist advised him that he could now read the letters on eye charts two lines below what he needed to be able to read to keep his driver’s license – without any new glasses!

(2) For a number of years he’d been experiencing problems common to seniors – he’d been having to get up 2 or 3 times a night to urinate, and what was even more of a problem, when he did, it took quite a while before the urine would come out – he’d been having to work on his computer or something for at least 15 minutes to cope with the delay. Obviously these things together made it hard to get a good night’s sleep. He’d even had an operation which was supposed to help, which, all up, had cost him over $6,000, and which hadn’t helped at all, and which had left him damaged for life, it can’t be reversed. A Urologist, who he says is amongst the best doctors he’s ever seen, had advised him, that in relation to the first problem, it was caused by the fact that, as a senior, his bladder had become too weak to empty properly when he urinated, so that when he urinated, quite a lot of urine remained, and so his bladder was soon full again – and nothing could be done about weak bladders! And in relation to the second problem, while it was widely recognised as not unusual, there was nothing that could be done about it either. BUT, he claims that he now has neither of these problems – he often doesn’t have to get up at all during the night, or, at the most, has to get up once, and he can always urinate more or less straight away.

(3) He’d seen a Cardiologist in April, 2018, who’d told him he had “a good strong heart,” but when he’d seen him again in October, 2019, he was more positive again, literally raving about how good his heart was, saying, “You’ve got a very very good heart,” and “I’m very impressed.” His comments were so strong, it was almost embarrassing.

BUT, what’s even more significant – there are always two types of medical problems, the ones we’ve got, and the ones we haven’t got, and the most significant claims for Low Dose Naltrexone are that, on top of helping you with problems you’ve got, it PREVENTS you from getting problems you haven’t got. But these claims are hard, if not impossible, to substantiate, because, for instance, if you’ve been on Low Dose Naltrexone for 15 years and haven’t got cancer, it can always be said that you wouldn’t have got it anyway.

Yet we’ve searched and searched, and are yet to find a single doctor in Sydney who advises on Low Dose Naltrexone, let alone prescribes it. So exasperating!

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