The Low Dose Naltrexone story 2

If you do a Google search on “Low Dose Naltrexone Wikipedia,” you are taken to a result which is the most one-sided Wikipedia article we’ve ever come across, telling only one side of a story – in fact, it’s the only Wikipedia article we’ve come across that comes over to us in this way.

All it talks about is, “unproven,” “unsupported by rigorous clinical research,” “no peer-reviewed studies,” “evidence for recommending such use is lacking,” and so on and so on, all coming over to us as typical propaganda by the big pharmaceutical companies. And while all of these things may be true, they’re scarcely the point.

The other side of the story, and the point is, that, as far as we know, no one has ever suggested that going onto Low Dose Naltrexone does harm, (if any of our readers knows otherwise, we would be grateful if they could let us know so we could share it with other readers,) and that it can be so easy and cheap to give it, say, an 8 week trial, and the feedback is that if anyone does this, they will experience at least one health benefit which will make them feel it worthwhile to continue being on it – with any further health benefits they may experience later on, and they can be many, together with it preventing them from ¬†experiencing any other health problems, as it’s claimed for it, being bonuses.

While, in a sense, we can understand why doctors are always wanting to just advise on and prescribe medications that have been “rigorously tested,” there are reasons why taking Naltrexone in low/smaller doses may never be rigorously tested, which we’ve set out elsewhere. But that’s no reason why we, the people, you and I, should miss out on what’s being talked about as the fifth, and perhaps the greatest medical breakthrough in human history ¬†– up there, and perhaps greater than Antidepressants, Anti-inflammatories, Immunisation and Antibiotics.

Obviously, for obvious reasons, there’s a great deal out there, trying to discourage the people, you and I, from giving it a try

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