The North Shore Private Hospital – a Ramsay hospital

As we keep saying, to us the best people and organisations to deal with have an ordinary email address readily available, and provide reasonable responses to reasonable emails sent to them – in other words they are prepared to be ACCOUNTABLE for what they do and say.

So where does the North Shore Private Hospital stand on these things?

If you go to their website there is no “Contact” at the top – always a bad sign. You have to take the trouble and spend the time looking into the body of their website to find a “Contact.”

But by going to their Google reviews we discovered that Ramsay Health Care has this ordinary email address – – which can be used to send them letters, if there are issues you would like them to address. We used it yesterday, (23 July 2018,) to send them this. We’ll let you know if we get any response.

A 28 July 2018 update: We’ve got a response alright! – an email telling us that the email address,, doesn’t work!

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